One community, a world of difference

March 2016

Principal’s message
It is my sixth week at Hillside World Academy and I am starting to get to know the school. I would like to thank students and teachers for their warm welcome and assistance during by orientation period. 
Walking around the school, I am struck by the many activities undertaken by the teachers and students at our small vibrant campus. Many of the activities include collaborative teaching and learning, not just within and between classes, but between schools. It is a great advantage of a small school to be able to encourage collaborative learning between students of all ages. 
It is encouraging to hear the students speak in both English and Chinese. Bilingualism is close to my heart and I hope to strengthen the school’s already strong emphasis on language. We encourage students in the school to communicate with each other to practice their language skills and to develop more of a school spirit. 
Linked to developing a HWA school spirit, we have introduced a Monday morning assembly. This is a great opportunity for the students to come together, get to know each other better, hear announcements and recognize fellow students’ achievements. We would like to see the students, through the Student Council, become more involved in the morning assembly and school life as a whole. 
I have more or less completed my school orientation and I now look forward to getting to know parents and guardians. Please look for more details about the 8 April Parents Support Group (PSG) meeting in the newsletter. It will be a chance for me to meet parents who are keen to get involved in the life of the school. 
Seah Poh Chua