One community, a world of difference

January 2016

A new year, a new semester and forty-one new students to Hillside World Academy. Welcome back to the 'old' families and a very wholehearted welcome to our new community members. Forty-one new students represent an increase in enrolment of over 15%. Soon we will be such a big school we will not be able to call ourselves small.

The timing is perfect: next Wednesday evening's Parent Support Group meeting, closely followed by the PSG barbecue on Saturday 23 January, represent just the right ways for the old and the new to blend and to get to know each other. The barbecue continues a very successful tradition of the school over the last three years, and I am expecting to demonstrate my sporting prowess through the afternoon. Perhaps a softball hit out of the campus, or a back-handed frisbee flicked into a sausage sandwich.