One community, a world of difference

Welcome Message

Welcome to Hillside World Academy (HWA). At HWA, we believe that quality education can be achieved across all levels within the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme integrating the discipline and rigour of Eastern pedagogy, with the inquiring, creative, and collaborative classroom practices of Western pedagogy.

Our goal is to provide an all-rounded learning environment that emphasises a balance of competencies in English and Mandarin, in both academic outcomes and student development. Every parent whose child walks from the gates of our school can expect that they will be equipped with the necessary language, knowledge, character and life skills to navigate the challenges and rapid changes in today’s globalised world.

Newly renamed and furthering the tradition of the Chinese International School, HWA is a forward-looking institution that also firmly believes in the merits of multicultural diversity within the scholastic environment. No matter where they are from, HWA recognises every student as an individual, whose unique cultural backgrounds, strengths and interests are harnessed as valuable resources in the learning lab. Our teachers, too, hail from over 15 countries worldwide, and bring with them colourful experiences and expertise that they are eager to impart. Mutual learning and support are key, real-world components that form the plinth of HWA.

HWA is a niche, community-based academy and our distinctively smaller student body and class sizes allow us to focus on everyday school operations, as well as each student. A typical school day involves peer-to-peer interaction and two-way communication between student and teacher in class, and a lineup of after school activities ranging from sports, to language, to the arts that work together to cultivate in students intercultural awareness and rectitude.

We have aligned our values with our admissions policy, where we maintain an open minded, non-discriminatory position, and accept applications from all over the world, throughout the year. If you would like to find out more about HWA, I encourage you to connect with us or to book a tour around our school, at your time and convenience.

Seah Poh Chua
Hillside World Academy